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Australia’s premier pub poker league, the National Poker League (NPL) and Australia’s very own 2005 WSOP Champion Joe Hachem, are proud to offer you the opportunity to own your very own poker business.

We are seeking Expressions of Interest from entrepreneurs with a passion for poker, to become NPL Licensees, running your own poker business with the support of Australia’s most respected poker brand.

If you have a passion for poker, have worked or played poker this is your opportunity to join in the success of NPL.


Growth has been considerable:
• Over $75,000,000 paid out to players
• Over 40 Licensees
• Over 350 venues
• Over 500 Texas Hold’em Poker tournaments every week
• Over 500,000 registered players.


  • To run a poker event with a $500k prize pool outside a casino
  • To run a poker event with a $1,000,000 prizepool
  • To run our own poker event in a foreign country
  • To run poker cruises
  • To deliver live streaming of an event in Australia
  • To launch iPhone and Android Apps


The success of NPL has been driven by a number of very successful marketing initiatives and business tools backed by passion of our people. Join us and take advantage of:

• The passion and expertise of NPL staff in poker event management
• A sound business model that provides a defined revenue stream to both Licensees and participating venues
• The stand out marketing materials for participating venues.
• The industry leading systems technology
• Our top quality branded poker equipment

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If your ready to start your own business and work for yourself, click "Contact Us Now" below to find out more! Please be sure to include your contact details, a bit about yourself and your past experience and we will reply as soon as possible with full details and everything you need to know.


"We became Licensees for NPL in the early days of pub poker, when it was a matter of introducing the brand and budget friendly charges to the venues in our area. The best part about being an NPL Licensee is that we have the freedom to create games to suit our venues and players, as NPL gives you the flexibility that a franchise doesn’t. We have presented many ideas which have been taken on board, resulting in major events such as the NPL World Tour events in Asia, the NPL500 and the structure of the Quarterly Finals. NPL is still growing and bringing new and innovative new player incentives. We liaise directly with all our venues and have established years of trust by delivering a quality of service. It’s up to the Licensee to set the standard and if you consistently deliver your service at a high standard, it can be very rewarding. If you are motivated, have passion for the game – then NPL is the team you want to be part of."

Simon & Jenny
NPL Licensees
NSW Queanbeyan, Southern Tablelands, Far South Coast & Southern Region

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NPL is Australia's premier poker events company, currently managing over 500 poker events a week around Australia. We invite all players to join our social poker league.

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