NPL Credits

Introducing National Poker League Credits (NPLC’s)

The NPL are delighted to introduce our new mobile phone-based credit system.

NPL Players can win NPLC's at NPL events around the country with these credits being transferred to the player's mobile phone number.

Players can then use these credits to pay for buy-ins at the upcoming 2024 Super Series events.

1 NPLC = $1 in value


Click Transfer and enter in the mobile number of the player you wish to transfer your credits too along with the amount you want to send! When transferring to another mobile number please note after you have submitted the request you will receive a security SMS where you need to click the link and approve the request. Once transferred to another mobile number this transaction is final and cannot be reversed.


Credits are valid from one final to another with the first 2024 final taking place on the 14th of March to the 17th of March. If you cannot use your credits, simply transfer them to another player!

Account & Register

First click on Account and set your Account Name, then you can simply click on Register for simple registeration where your unique QR code will be shown. Simply show this code at Registration to register and use your credits.


All credits are tied to your mobile number not your NPL account.

Please note you may make a total of 5 SMS balance requests to 0485 887 500 per 24 hours. Once your balance limit is reached our system will not reply back to your balance request message. You can click your link in a previous SMS to still view your profile.

If you are changing mobile numbers, please plan ahead and use the transfer option.

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