Terms & Conditions

1. Registration to the National Poker League (NPL) is required by all participants and is free of charge.

2. Participants must be 18 years of age or older to register.

3. Once you have registered into an NPL event you are opted in to receive communication from NPL about future events An NPL Player Profile will be created for all registered participants. As such, your name and player profile will be publicly available on the NPL website (www.npl.com.au)

4. A service fee may apply to various NPL events. Please check with your Tournament Director at point of registration.

In South Australia, all players at select venues in SA pay $5 Promotion’s Fee on top of the Event Buy In. These $5’s will be used to cover:

• Seasonal Venue Leaderboard 1st Place : $300
• Seasonal Venue Leaderboard 2nd Place : $200
• Seasonal Venue Leaderboard 3rd : $100
• Top 5 on Seasonal Venue Leadeboard : $120 Ticket into $15,000 Min SA Poker Classic
• In-venue promotions such as Hotseats, Jackpots etc (venue specific)
• Any shortfall in SA Poker Classic Prizepool Guarantee
• Any event overlays (missed guarantees an events)
• Any venues shortfalls when venues cancel mid-season

Any amount over $15,000 collected after the will be added to the SA Poker Classic prizepool. If the $15,000 is collected before the SA Poker Classic, then all Direct Buy Ins will be added to the prizepool.

5. No Limit Texas Hold ’em game rules are in play at NPL events and rules are available from the TD as well as www.npl.com.au/rules

6. Chips used at NPL events have absolutely no monetary value or otherwise. They CANNOT be exchanged for cash or any currency as prohibited by law.

7. The format of the NPL events and prizes can be changed at any point in time by NPL, a third party provider or the venue without notice to participants.

8. Any participant suspected or caught to be colluding, cheating or behaving inappropriately by the Tournament Director or the respective licensee may be disqualified from the game and League without refund of any kind and may be excluded from future participation in NPL events.

9. NPL reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

10. Members agree that the NPL has the right to promote the member as a sponsor for marketing and promotional purposes for a period of three (3) years from the date of winning our major prize at no cost to the League.

11. NPL members agree to be photographed whilst they participate in any NPL event held at any authorised venue, and agree to the publication of those images in various forms of media and agree to waive any rights that they may have in that regard.

12. Any or part thereof of these rules may change without notice. Please check www.npl.com.au or ask your Tournament Director.

13. All event rulings and decisions are determined solely by the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director will settle all disputes and their decision is final. The Tournament Directors decision will be made in keeping with the best interests of the game and all NPL members.

14. All NPL Major Event tickets may incur GST.

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