Don’t worry, come on down to a game and our friendly Tournament Directors will teach you the basics, we are a social league and encourage beginners to come and play.
We are delighted you are interested in becoming a member of Australia’s premier poker league. To start your poker journey, simply register your details at any NPL nightly event. It’s free to join and we pay out over $5,000,000 a year in cash & prizes.
Visit our events page or download our Android or IOS app for a listing of all our games as well entry prices and prize pools.
To hide your player profile from the public follow the below steps;

- Log into the Players section here or by using the menu "Players" then "Login". Please note you will need to have your email address associated with your NPL account to login.
- Once logged in select "Edit Account", then set "Profile Visibility" to "Hidden" and click "Submit".
- Your profile will now be hidden from the public.

If you cannot log in you can contact our support team by clicking here.
Reply to any of the text messages you’ve received with the word ‘STOP’ and you will be automatically removed from the list. Failing this give us a call and we can help you further or please click here to contact our Support Team be sure to include your mobile number you want unsubscribed.
You can login to the NPL website and under the Players menu is a "Contact Settings" option. Here you can select your regions to receive SMS from. You can also set this in the NPL Android and IOS apps. Please download, login and go into Settings -> SMS Settings.
Please click here to contact our Support Team with both account names and ID’s and let us know which account you would prefer to keep and we will merge the accounts together.
Please click here to contact our Support Team with all details, please make sure you include your full name and what area you play in so we make sure we attach your info to the correct account.
Yes, Download the Android or IOS App which can do this!
Please let the tournament director at the game with the incorrect leaderboard know and he will be able to correct the results and re-upload to the website or click here to contact our Support Team with all details.
Please click here to contact our Support Team and let them know your name and matching email or number registered with us and we will remove it. Please note you can set your profile visibility to hidden via the Players section once logged in.
If a poker player is called a donkey, he's a bad player who makes blatantly bad poker plays. This term is used for a weak or inexperienced player, especially one who plays his hand against the odds and doesn't fold poor hands.

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