Over 16+ years Operating

Founded in 2005 and still going strong!

Over 50 Licensees

Our network of licensees can run an event nearly anywhere in Australia

Australia Wide

NPL currently operates in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria and looking to expand to further states

Dedicated Head Office

Inhouse Events Management, IT, Accounts and Support teams

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About Us

Founded in 2005, The National Poker League is Australia’s premier pub & club poker company. We currently run over 500 poker events a week in a variety of venues round the country and have over 450,000 members. We have many satisfied pubs and clubs using our services for over 10 years now as we consistently provide a high ROI for our venues, with the players we tend to attract producing one of the highest spend per head of any poker league.


  • To run a poker event with a $500k prize pool outside a casino
  • To run a poker event with a $1,000,000 prizepool
  • To run our own poker event in a foreign country
  • To run poker cruises
  • To deliver live streaming of an event in Australia
  • To launch iPhone and Android Apps

Why work with NPL

The success of NPL has been driven by a number of very successful marketing initiatives and business tools backed by passion of our people.

• The passion and expertise of NPL staff in poker event management
• A sound business model that provides a defined revenue stream to both Licensees and participating venues
• The stand out marketing materials for participating venues.
• The industry leading systems technology
• Our top quality branded poker equipment


Years Experience




Events Run


Cash & Prizes given away

Wanting to host NPL Poker in your venue?

About Us

NPL is Australia's premier poker events company, currently managing over 500 poker events a week around Australia. We invite all players to join our social poker league.

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Our Contacts

POBOX 1628
Crows Nest, NSW, 2065, Australia

P : 02 9662 2023
F : 02 9475 4544